Terms & Conditions

  1. Only 100% Cash payment in advance will be accepted
  2. For Order Booking, Fee will be Rs. 100,000/- for Per Acre (or less)
  3. Order doesn't guarantee your product instead it places you on priority customers list.
  4. Product availability is made on first come first serve basis.
  5. Order fee is non-refundable and non-cancellable if we give you the product. If we are unable to give you product then the fee will be refunded.
  6. Rate of Product will not be negotiable.
  7. QuinTech has the right to revoke the order of customer, without assigning any reason, and return the order fee.
  8. Logistics of product will be responsibility of customer. QuinTech may or may not provide support in form of arranging transport but cost will be on customer end.
  9. Delivery will be executed any day within one week after payment received or whenever QuinTech decides.
  10. Weighment of G-1 Seed at QuinTech warehouse on QuinTech weight scales will be considered final.
  11. QuinTech will not be responsible for any seed damage outside our premises.
  12. QuinTech reserves the right to change rate, at any instance, without any prior notice.
  13. Customer will not be allowed to pick and choose the product. QuinTech ensures appropriate steps to provide premium quality products.
  14. Customer cannot ask QuinTech to remove/sort Garlic parts (leaves, stalk, etc.) from clove. As QuinTech adopts and follow the market trends for product packaging.
  15. Order form is editable until payment is not submitted, once the payment is submitted then order is locked and quantity cannot be changed.
  16. Quantity can be changed only before submission of payment, after submission of payment order is locked. To add the quantity customer needs to fill a new order form with new quantity and will have to submit the due payment.
  17. Payment can be submitted at our office or could be submitted through Bank Transfer, Account details are as follows:
    Bank : Habib Bank Limited (Peco Road Branch)
    Account Tittle : Zubair Nawaz Chattha
    Account Number : 1589-79192575-03
  18. Non Submission of payment timely after generating invoice on the basis of Orders or not taking the delivery, may lead to cancellation of the booking or new rates may apply.
  19. Customers can check their order status by logging in their profile. It’s showing the complete status / details of “ORDERS” and its level of pendency.
  20. QuinTech has the right to decide the delivery date after receiving the payment.
  21. Customer is bound to get the delivery and provide full payment after booking order within one week's time.