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G1 Garlic

NARC G1 Garlic is the best garlic produced in Pakistan. Highly profitable from commercial point of view. QuinTech Seeds is one of Pakistan’s largest developers and producers of seed for G1 Garlic.

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G1 Garlic is an excellent source of vitamins E, C, and A. It also contains allicin, which has been known for its antibacterial properties.

What is G1 Garlic?

(Allium ampeloprasum) It’s a hardy bulb with massive blue-green leaves. This perennial herb boasts an oversize stem that seems within the spring or summer. Below the bottom, {a massive bulb consisting of 5 to 8 large cloves enclosed by smaller bulblets grows. This plant attains a height of around three feet (1 m.) from bulb to the tip of the strap-like leaves and originates in Pakistan.

Uses & Benefits

It’s one of the most popular condiments used in kitchens all over the world. This plant possesses quite a number of medicinal properties. By taking garlic, we can have a quick and easy access to a natural prebiotic that effectively counteracts many diseases, strengthens immunity, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and infection. Just eat one clove of garlic a day to feel its positive effect after a short time. This constitutes a sufficient dose of amino acids, saponins, vitamins, provitamins, mineral salts and rare elements, replacing many drugs from the pharmacy.

Winter or Spring Garlic?

Garlic is planted in autumn. Garlic planted in autumn, It hibernates in winter and emerges in spring. Winter varieties develop larger heads. They reach up to 120 cm in height, with each bulb up to 280 to 400 g in weight.

Soil & Climatic Requirements

Garlic is a plant resistant to low temperatures, growth occurring at just 3 ° C. For proper development, it needs sun exposure, although it can be planted in the shade. As a one- year plant, it has a weak root system. This translates into high demands on soil and water. Garlic needs moist, warm and rich soil in humus and nutrients. Condition for its development is a neutral ground with a pH of about 6.8.

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