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Tagra BOP Fertilizer

A naturally organic product enriched with a powerful blend of phosphate-solubilizing, nitrogen-fixing, and plant growth-promoting microbes, including bacteria, fungi, and mycorrhizae.

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Constant Phosphorous Supply - Increase in plant growth - Growing Stronger Together: Tagra and Your Crops - A Winning Combination.

What is Tagra BOP Fertilizer?

Welcome to the future of sustainable agriculture with Tagra - the groundbreaking Bio-Organo-Phosphate (BOP) that revolutionizes plant nutrition and soil enrichment. Harnessing the power of living microbes, Tagra transforms traditional farming practices, offering a natural and eco-friendly alternative to chemical phosphate fertilizers. Packed with phosphate solubilizing, nitrogen fixing, and plant growth promoting microbes, each 50kg bag of Tagra boasts 20% phosphorus (P2O5) and 15% organic matter, ensuring a continuous and balanced supply of essential nutrients to your crops throughout the growing season. Embrace a greener approach to farming as Tagra not only boosts soil health and nutrient availability but also acts as a shield, protecting your crops from pathogens through induced systemic resistance. Join the movement towards sustainable agriculture and witness the bountiful harvests that arise from nurturing the soil with Tagra.

Enhanced Plant Nutrition

Tagra contains living microbes that mobilize and increase nutrient availability in the soil, ensuring your crops receive essential nutrients for optimal growth.

Organic Processing

Tagra is processed organically, utilizing phosphate solubilizing, nitrogen fixing, and plant growth promoting microbes to support sustainable and eco-friendly agriculture.

High Phosphorus Content

Each 50kg bag of Tagra offers 20% phosphorus (P2O5), providing a reliable and continuous supply of this crucial nutrient to your crops.

Boosted Organic Matter

With 15% organic matter, Tagra improves soil physio-chemical properties over time, leading to better water and nutrient retention capacity.

Synergistic with Urea

For an effective nitrogen source, we recommend using Tagra alongside urea as a starter, ensuring balanced nutrition for your crops.

Long-lasting Nutrient Supply

Tagra's unique mechanism of phosphorous solubilization in soil ensures a continuous supply of nutrients throughout the growing season, promoting healthier and more robust crops.

Natural Crop Protection

The Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB) in Tagra act as protectors, out-competing pathogens for nutrients and producing antibiotics and anti-fungal metabolites to shield your crops.

Induced Systemic Resistance (ISR)

Through ISR, Tagra-equipped plants can defend themselves from pathogens, enhancing their resilience and reducing the need for chemical pesticides

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