Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

• What is “PRE ORDERS” policy?

For smooth and fair delivery of QuinTech NARC G1 Garlic seed we introduce the “PRE ORDERS” policy, so book your preorders to get your name on the list of priority customers for getting premium quality QuinTech G1 Garlic seed. As we are following the policy of ‘First Come, First Served Basis’

• What is product availability and delivery times?

As it is a known fact that G1 Garlic seed is in high demand and currently its availability is brief in market, So in this regard we are taking steps to ensure the availability to our customer who will pay pre-order fee on ‘First Come, First Served Basis’.

• What is refund policy?

Pre Order fee is nonrefundable and non-cancelable, it can only be refunded if a company is unable to deliver the order.

• How to make changes after booking?

Pre Order form is editable until payment is not submitted, once the payment is submitted then order is locked and quantity cannot be changed.

• Can we change quantity later?

Quantity can be change only before submission of payment, after submission of payment pre-order is locked. To add the quantity, customer needs to fill a new pre-order form with new quantity and have to submit the due payment.

• How to cancel pre-booking or booking?

Once payment is made and pre-order is completed, then Pre Order booking is non-cancellable and nonrefundable.

• What can cause my booking to be canceled?

Non Submission of payment after generating invoice for on a basis of Pre Orders may lead to cancel the booking

• How much time before bookings are closed?

Pre Orders are currently open, ORDERS will start later, and we will prefer the customer who has already submitted the pre-orders, as we are following the principle of First come, first served basis, and we will not guarantee the availability of product for those customers who come later.

• What is minimum quantity to book?

Minimum quantity of seed which can be book is for an area of one Kanal, For which fresh seed requirement 200 kg and dry seed requirement is 100 kg approximately (depends upon plant count per acre and other factors).

• Is this pre-order for wet/ fresh produce or dry/ cured G1 Garlic seed?

These pre-orders are for both Fresh and Dry seed. Customer can select; according to his choice, Both types have different rates and different delivery times.

• Which seed I Should prefer fresh or dry?

It is the decisions of customer, but in fresh you have to be very careful with the seed, as the Garlic is wet and to dry the seed customer needs a ventilated space, but on the other hand dry seed is easy to handle and have less chance of disease with relatively easy handling.

• Do I have to place “orders” again when orders are opened?

No, customers who would have placed “PRE ORDER” would not be required to place new “ORDER,” instead their “ORDER” will be automatically generated and after payment of full order amount, their “ORDER” will be confirmed. Order confirmation is subject to product availability and “First come, first served basis”.

• Does this “PRE ORDER” fixes the price per kg for G1 seed?

No, the price of G1 seed will be announced later when “ORDERS” are opened for booking. And the company reserves the rights to change the rate, in any instance, without a prior notice. “PRE ORDERS” will just put the customer on our priority list for getting premium quality seed.

• Can I bargain/ negotiate the price of G1 Garlic seed?

The prices of premium quality QuinTech G1 Garlic seed will be non-negotiable.

• Can QuinTech revoke / cancel my “PRE ORDER” or “ORDER”?

QuinTech reserves the right to cancel/ revoke the “PRE ORDER” or “ORDER” of any customer at any time, without any clarification, and return the money to customer.

• Who will be responsible for transportation of the G1 Seed?

Logistics / transportation will be at the customer’s end. QuinTech may or may not facilitate in just arranging the vehicle buy cost will be paid the customer.

• What payment options can be used?

Payment can only be submitted through Bank Transfer, Account details are as follows:
Bank : Habib Bank Limited (Peco Road Branch)
Account Tittle : Zubair Nawaz Chattha
Account Number : 1589-79192575-03

• How to check booking status?

Customers can check their order status by logging in their profile. Its showing the complete status / details of “PRE ORDERS” and “ORDERS” and its level of pendency.

• Is the “QuinTech” company part of Gourmet Group of companies?

Yes, “QuinTech” is under the umbrella of the most reputable and trusted brand Gourmet Group of companies. It has been awarded with “World Branding Awards” for three times in Kensington Palace, UK. It is the brand of the Pakistanis, for the Pakistanis and by the Pakistanis.